Thoughts for hitting the DRIVER:

Thoughts for hitting the DRIVER:

Jeff Symmonds Gold SchoolsFriends…see me at Kissimmee Bay Country Club for some incredibly helpful insights on hitting Tee-Shots with your Driver. So let’s consider:

~~~Your Driver is the one club in your bag that you paid the most money for. Your brain is telling you that this is an IMPORTANT CLUB! And it is. Through 18 holes of golf, you will likely pull out the Driver 14 times per round! (Only the putter will see more action).

~~~Does your Driver have the “make-up” to help you? This means: Does the loft in the head help you to get the ball airborne easily? OR…do you feel you have to “really work hard” to get your tee shots in the air? You should have enough loft in the head so you can make an easy swing and still see the proper trajectory. (high handicappers…consider 10.5 up to 12 degrees of loft. A little lower for more advanced players!)

~~~The FLEX of YOUR SHAFT is such a difference-maker! Have a fast swing with a lot of club-head speed? A stiff or Extra Stiff shaft would be the starting point. Slower swing speed, seniors and juniors, need to get into Regular Flex and even softer flexes. NOTE: If the shaft in your Driver is TOO STIFF, your tee shots will not get the proper trajectory, and you will hit too many fades (slices). If your shaft is too “soft” for your swing speed, you will hit the ball too high and quite possibly “over-hook” the tee shot. BOTH WAYS…your ball will be robbed of distance.

~~~If you find a Driver that you like, are comfortable with, and it performs to your expectations, HOLD ON TO IT! Try not to make the mistake of “rotating Drivers” in your bag. This just tells you that something is wrong with your Fundamentals and Foundation, and you are searching for the “magic pill”, that simply does not exist.

Reach me at 760 861-9985 and let’s spend some quality time learning how to get better. You will sleep better at night knowing you understand your Driver and how to be a better player!
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