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Hi Friends….hoping you are able to get out and play in the fine month of JUNE!
My Orlando Golf Schools are in full swing with students coming from Georgia, Connecticut, Texas, South America, and Denmark! A question I answer quite frequently from my students: How to I learn play golf so MY BACK WON’T HURT?

*** So, how do I swing the club that is easy on the body, and still be able to get distance out of my shots? 1. Start with Proper Posture. 2. Lighten your Grip Pressure. 3. Now, your arms will Hang From the Sockets and be Tension Free.

*** If you start with the 3 steps above, you are on your way to ACTUALLY gaining club-head speed without “trying to force” a golf swing. Imagine increasing your swing speed (= longer shots) by playing golf “lighter” and without tense muscles! Imagine not running out of gas by the 15th hole. Also, imagine playing golf for many more years than you have anticipated, without injuring your back, shoulders, hips, etc.

*** You have an open invitation to see me in Orlando Florida. Your outlook on your golf game will be different, and full of optimism. The “guess-work” will be taken out of your golf swing, and you can finally IMPROVE. Reach me direct @ 800 965-9985. I’m here to help.

All the best,
Jeff Symmonds, Owner, Director of Instruction 800 965-9985 Orlando Florida

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