The Best Golf School in Palm Springs Ca.

Isn't Palm Springs beautiful?
It's April 2017 and you can still see the snow in the mountains above the golf course where I hold my Palm Springs Golf school.

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The Snow Covered Mountains Above My Palm Springs Golf School

Did you just get off the golf course and had a frustrating day? Did you just hook it or slice it off the tee all day? Was your fairway or greens game off? At Jeff Symmonds Palm Springs Golf Schools, in Palm Springs CA. our professional quality instructors can help you improve your game in just a few sessions. And you get free golf daily after your session.

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 Benefits of my Palm Springs Golf School.

  • Premium Quality Golf Instruction!
    Palm Springs Golf Schools by Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools will help you improve your golf game with quality golf lessons by golf professionals, (800) 965-9985. We believe that the quality of our instruction is the best available! Whether Jeff, of Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools conducts your class personally or you work with one of his excellent Teaching Professionals, your expectations will be met. We have conducted hundreds of golf schools, improving the games of every skill level, so you can always expect the very best results from your session.
  • Fantastic Golf Amenities!
    It certainly makes for a better golf school experience if the golf course and practice facilities are exceptional! As with all my golf school locations, the Golf Resort in Palm Springs is a beautiful, full service facility. This golf course offers a spectacular setting that abounds with natural beauty. It features an immaculate 18-hole championship golf course,excellent practice facilities, and complete lodging and restaurant amenities right on the golf course. Considered to be one of the most scenic golf courses, this is the perfect place for your golf school outing!
  • Did I Mention Our Great Prices?
    If you've looked at the other golf schools, you've surely noticed that our rates are exceptional! Especially for a school that takes such a personal interest in its students and the quality of the curriculum. Even still, we offer some great specials, discounts, and bargains too! At Palm Springs Golf Schools, you get great golf instruction from professional golf instructors at great gold school prices.

I invite you to give me a call. I will get you playing better in no time.

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