Why Go to Golf School ?

Why go to Golf School ?

Often the question comes up:

Why seek golf instruction in a golf school environment? My thoughts on this:

***If you can budget 5 hours a day, this really gives you the time to Understand, Practice, and put the Instruction to use ON THE GOLF COURSE each day under the watchful eyes of your Teaching Professional. If you want to desperately improve your Short-Game, spend 3 hours of getting to the heart and soul of Chipping, Pitching, Putting, and Green-side Bunker Shots, instead of 45 minutes every 2 weeks.

***If you can budget a 3-day session, that’s over 15 hours of instruction with your teacher. That’s also 27 holes of hitting shots on real golf holes as well. This is where the REAL TRUTH of your golf game, swing mechanics, and mental thinking will surface. This is where you and your teacher will mutually decide where the emphasis should be in further golf instruction the next day.
(Valuable? I should say so!)

***Do you have a favorite Doctor, Dentist, or Guitar teacher over the years? You also need a Swing Doctor as well. Having a excellent Teaching Pro that you can keep in touch about with via Email, phone, texting, etc. that can always be there to answer your concerns about your golf game. (Believe me, Golf Teachers really like it when you put your trust in them!) Spending several days at Golf School will develop trust, common goals, a bond, with a good Teaching Professional.

***The Teaching Professionals at my golf school do just that: They Teach Golf ! They live and breath it. They travel the country at different times of the year, sometimes leaving their families, so they can pursue the work they were meant to do. Believe in the passion.

Glad you took the time to read the blogs!

I’m always glad to help ANYONE who wants a better golf game. My door is Always OPEN!

All the best to you,
Jeff Symmonds

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