Short Game is the BIG WINNER in PHOENIX

Short Game is the BIG WINNER in PHOENIX !

Hi Friends:

Had the pleasure of seeing my long-time students Jay and Jane last week at my Phoenix Golf School. Yes, they are “Senior Golfers”, and Jay could qualify as a SUPER SENIOR! However, the expertise and craftiness of these two golfers was an amazing thing to watch! Why? The Short Game skills these two possessed! When their approach shots missed the green, they had the ability to get the ball back onto the green, and I may add, quite close to the hole! I made the comment that “The game starts when we miss the green”. They made a whole new truth to this saying. Pitchingwith the Sand Wedge, Chipping with the 9 or 8 iron, blasting out of steep bunkers, they did it all and I just sat back and smiled. Respectable golf in the golden years? Believe it! The Short game  is where all the strokes are saved !

So what am I really saying? Probably this: You do NOT NEED PGA or LPGA talent to develop a solid Short Game. Only the understanding of how to execute the shot, and to choose the correct instrument to do the job. Quality time working on different shots from off the green will only get you better, faster. When was the last time you spent 15 minutes hitting Pitch Shots from 30 yards away? Or hitting 40 ft Chip Shots with a 9 iron? Can you put 12 balls in a practice bunker and get each ball out on the first try? If you said YES to all three, you are on your way to cutting strokes!

Attending a Jeff Symmonds Short-Game School will certainly get you to understand and execute all aspects of Putting, Chipping, Pitching, and Green-Side Bunker shots. Quite possibly the best $225 you will spend on your golf game for quite awhile. Questions about my Short Game School ?  Anxious to learn how to pitch , chip and putt better ? Looking for a great location to work on your golf game in the warm sun?

Reach me direct at 800 965-9985.

See you in DECEMBER!
Jeff Symmonds, owner of Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools

Short Game Specialists !

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