Charles B – April 24, 2014

Dear Jeff
Regarding Dale:  What a wonderful person and remarkable instructor!!!  Can’t say enough good things about him.  His ability to diagnose minor and major flaws in my swing and Alex did not take him very long.   We each had plenty of good video and discussion twice a  day and the before and after video was really good.  Each of us were able to modify our swing just enough to see it on video and on the course.  Dale played with us 2 days and if you have not played with him, you should.  OMG, he can play up a storm.  A great example of what and how a PGA instructor should perform.  Don’t let him slip away from your stable of instructors.  He is good!!!   He made the trip a complete success and we enjoyed every minute of our lessons and feedback from him.
I had several other golf schools in mind before selecting yours, and I can honestly say that it was absolutely the right decision.
Sincerely,Charles Brown
Derwood, MD

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