Get your CONSISTENCY back into your golf game

Get your CONSISTENCY back into your golf game. Hi Friends….Quite often, students will tell me that they hit the ball solid and consistent on the Driving Range, then after 2 holes, it ALL GOES AWAY. Then, of course, their swing becomes a frustrating guessing game. (I’m betting, heavily, that way…

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HOT JULY $PECIAL for Golf Schools and Short-Game Schools!

Hi Friends…We have a truly HOT JULY $PECIAL for Golf Schools and Short-Game Schools! 1-Day Session….$269!! (2-somes are $249 each) 2-Day Session….$549!! (2-somes are $499 each) 3-Day Session….$859!! (2-somes are $799 each) Short-Game Schools are $219 for the month of JULY!! (2 somes are $199 each) Temecula..Palm Springs..Phoenix..Tucson..Las Vegas..Dallas..Orlando..Ft Lauderdale…

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Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools

Hi Friends…The Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools has some GREAT specials for FEBRUARY and MARCH at the Temecula Creek Inn & Resort in  Temecula, CA San Diego CA. locations. At Jeff Symmonds Golf School in Temecula CA. the weather has been beautiful for golf. Come out and enjoy your golf lessons…

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GOLFERS…It’s a Chip, Pitch, and Putt time!!

orlando golf lessons

GOLFERS…It’s a Chip, Pitch, and Putt time!! Hi Friends….join us at The Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools for a Short-Game School in Great Golf Destination Cities, such as ORLANDO, PHOENIX, and LAS VEGAS! *** Your Short-Game School is a 3-hour session customized to help you Pitch, Chip, and Putt better than ever…

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Winter & Spring Golf with Jeff Symmonds

Hello everyone, It’s been a very good winter at Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools. We have seen new students and returning students from all parts of the country and over-seas! Short-Game Schools have been extremely popular and WHY NOT!?! Your best scores come from a solid short-game. Learning to Chip, Pitch,…

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Short-Game Golf Schools – By Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools

Hi Friends! It’s Jeff Symmonds of Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools. Join us for our upcoming SHORT-GAME SCHOOLS – by Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools Your best scores will be a result of solid CHIPPING, PITCHING, PUTTING. Affordable and always SMALL CLASS SIZE! Register 30 days in advance for these Tuition Prices:…

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