Visiting Florida? Its a great day for golf lessons.

Hi Friends… Are Visiting Florida? Its a great day for golf lessons. A short message to everyone who may be coming to Florida this Fall, Winter, or Spring: You can see me personally in Orlando or Ft Lauderdale for Short-Game Schools, or Daily Sessions. LEARNING to PLAY and PERFORM BETTER…

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Your Best Year on the Golf Course STARTS HERE!

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Your Best Year on the Golf Course STARTS HERE! Hi Friends…You are personally invited to my golf school and LEARN HOW TO PERFORM BETTER on the GOLF COURSE. Yes, we offer PLAYING LESSONS…every day! *** Improve your golf swing on the range, and IMMEDIATELY take it to the GOLF COURSE!…

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Winter & Spring Golf with Jeff Symmonds

Hello everyone, It’s been a very good winter at Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools. We have seen new students and returning students from all parts of the country and over-seas! Short-Game Schools have been extremely popular and WHY NOT!?! Your best scores come from a solid short-game. Learning to Chip, Pitch,…

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Short-Game Golf Schools – By Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools

Hi Friends! It’s Jeff Symmonds of Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools. Join us for our upcoming SHORT-GAME SCHOOLS – by Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools Your best scores will be a result of solid CHIPPING, PITCHING, PUTTING. Affordable and always SMALL CLASS SIZE! Register 30 days in advance for these Tuition Prices:…

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools

HI FRIENDS!!  And a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! I am looking forward to seeing you at my golf school this winter! Phoenix, Tucson, Palm Springs, Don’t forget VEGAS! ST GEORGE UTAH! Dallas, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale…..I invite you to reach me at 800 965-9985 and let’s…

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Golf School Specials, Palm Springs, St. George, Las Vegas, Tucson, Phoenix

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Save $100 to $150 now on Golf School. For a limited time, take $100 off my 1 day golf school. Take $150 off my 2 day golf school, or take $100 off my short game golf school lesson. Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools offers quality golf instruction and schools customized to…

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