December 14,2014

Jeff—The facility was great and Don Person was an outstanding instructor.  I learned a tremendous amount and the program definitely exceeded my expectations.  I’ll recommend your school to my friends and colleagues, and I look forward to returning in the future.  I appreciate you taking a personal interest as well, and I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas. 
Don D.
July 17, 2014
★★★★★ I just attended Jeff’s golf school in Vegas July 10 and 11th, 2014. Ryan was my instructor. He was very knowledgeable and I could tell he really knew his golf. I am a new golfer (only been playing since April 2014), but I do think I have seen an improvement in my game; I’m still bad, but better than before. I would (and do plan to) attend another of Jeff’s school in San Diego in Nov or Dec of this year to see how my game has improved. Do not hesitate to attend Jeff’s clinic’s; in particular the one in Vegas. Plus, you get to hang out in Vegas for a few days after golf school.

Kermic Green of Woodland Hills

April  25,2014
“Randy Oaks has been a guest instructor with our golf program since 2010.  I can’t tell you what a positive asset he has been to our golf program, especially with our women’s team which had their  inaugural season in fall, 2010.  He has played a big role in the development and improvement of our players.   He has the ability to keep it simple and easy to understand, which in turn makes it easy to duplicate.  Randy has great rapport with our players and they always  look forward to working with him.  Both our men’s and women’s teams have made National Tournament appearances in recent years, and Randy has been a big part of that success.”  
Tony Wallingford, Milligan College Golf Coach, Johnson City, TN.
April 24 , 2014
Dear Jeff
Regarding Dale:  What a wonderful person and remarkable instructor!!!  Can’t say enough good things about him.  His ability to diagnose minor and major flaws in my swing and Alex did not take him very long.   We each had plenty of good video and discussion twice a  day and the before and after video was really good.  Each of us were able to modify our swing just enough to see it on video and on the course.  Dale played with us 2 days and if you have not played with him, you should.  OMG, he can play up a storm.  A great example of what and how a PGA instructor should perform.  Don’t let him slip away from your stable of instructors.  He is good!!!   He made the trip a complete success and we enjoyed every minute of our lessons and feedback from him.
I had several other golf schools in mind before selecting yours, and I can honestly say that it was absolutely the right decision.
Sincerely,Charles Brown
Derwood, MD
April 20 , 2014
Spent 1/2 day with Jeff last year. One of the best investments in golf I’ve ever made. Only been playing 2 years and came in fourth net in the Patrick AFB Club Championship this year including my first hole-in-one.
Ed Frady , Cocoa Beach FL
April 16, 2014
Thanks again Jeff.  Another great session with your company.
Dave was great.  He was very patient and gave me insight I needed to strike a ball properly and shape a shot.  I have a lot of putting practice ahead of me but Dave gave me a few training techniques and I will to improve.Looking forward to the pictures from the session that Dave took.
Thanks, Jim Bowman
Soddy Daisy , TN



April 5, 2014


I know that Judy and Rebecca would join me in saying that the teaching experience with Don Person was outstanding.  The pace was great, and we truly believed we learned techniques and lessons which will help us – particularly with our short game.  I had told you before that we have participated in a couple of similarly structured three day clinics in Florida.  I can report that there was no comparison in the teaching approach and skill.

So the point is….we were delighted, and feel that our respective golf games have improved! 
What more can we ask for?

Thanks again.

Ross W.



April 1 , 2014
Randy Oaks did a great job! He is a very good teacher and even better person…I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a helpful golf lesson.
John L. Clark
Syracuse NY

March 17, 2014

For all my family and friends, if you are looking for a golf school, you must check out Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools, he has instructors in numerous locations and his schools are a great value !
Denis Finnegan
Clermont, FL


March 14, 2014

Hi Jeff,

I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed my two day golf school at the Revere Golf Club in Henderson, NV. The course was beautiful and my instructor, Ryan Mills, was top notch. He was very patient and his instruction delivery was such that even a beginner, (which I am) could make tremendous progress.

I can’t wait for the snow to melt here in CT so that I can get back on the course practice all that I learned. Thank you again for your help and I hope to attend another of your locations very soon.



March 6, 2014


Just a quick note to let you know that I enjoyed the two day training session with Randy very much. He is an excellent coach and mentor on the golf course and I can highly recommend your school to anyone interested in learning this sport.

Please keep up the good work and see you back soon.

Thomas Mindt


The past two days of instruction at Buffalo Creek with Mark Walker were absolutely incredible. His direct attention towards my improvement demonstrated a knowledge which is second to none. His guidance, willingness and patience has increased my efforts in improving my game and I will definitely be back for another session. I look forward to the next opportunity of instruction.

Sincerely , J. Miller

Hey Jeff, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my golf lessons with Randy . He is very much a professional in his teaching and the way he conducted himself . I know only 3 lessons will no begin to cure my bad habits but I now have basics of what it feels like to make a good swing and what to check on when I don’t . He explained what I needed to work on on the driving range as well as the putting green . I would certainly recommend Randy to anyone wanting to improve their golf game .

Sincerely , James Teets, Northern California

Don Person did a great job teaching us today. I loved the goals sheet that he gave us for measuring our proficiency with our chip, pitch and putting shots. I think the goal of hitting a target one yard of the fringe and rolling to the target is something I should be able to take to the bank quickly. I took plenty of notes and plan to work on the strategies he suggested.

All and all a very worthwhile morning.

Regards, Stan G.

What a great learning experience. I can not say enough good about Randy Oaks. I plan to come back Randy and I have talked about some time in July. I have already recommend your school to some of my friends. Again many thanks and we will stay in touch.

Dave W

Jeff – A million thanks once again for the great instruction I received from you!!

Today, I accomplished a golf milestone I have been trying for for what seems like ages.

I broke 80, shooting a 79 which included some really solid short game play!!

Thanks Jeff – couldn’t have done it without you. Sincerely!

Ed S of Maryland

What a great learning experience. I can not say enough good about Randy Oaks. I plan to come back Randy and I have talked about some time in July. I have already recommend your school to some of my friends. Again many thanks and we will stay in touch.

Dave W

We just got back in time to see the finish of the Masters Tournament. Deb & I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time learning our golf game from you at Palm Valley. You are truly a professional in every way. All the best to you and we hope to meet again someday.

Sincere Regards, David & Debra M

My wife and I just finished a three day school with Jeff Symmonds, Our second school with him and he is just awesome! His teaching skills, patience, and supportive nature really helped us progress tremendously. I am already looking forward to next year’s school! Jeff we really appreciate all you helped us with and wish you well, we’ll be marketing you for sure!

Denis and Marilyn F.

Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to let you know how much I benefited from my time with Don Person.

He is a great teacher and in the 3 days we touched all parts of my game and worked very patiently on my weakest areas. I arrived hitting a slice with weak shots and returned hone able to hit draws and now have a very confident swing. I am anxious to continue improving my game and look forward to a summer of confident golf.

Best regards, Dan Noreen | Westminster, CO


Once again thank you so much for the instructions for both Jim and me. We do feel that you have helped us tremendously and are looking forward to putting the new tricks in motion. We know this is not an overnight thing but do feel we now have some great fundamentals to work with. Tomorrow will be my first test. By playing the videos over and over, your voice should become imbedded into our swings!

We enjoyed meeting you and found your method of instruction very conducive to learning. We will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to go to golf school. We do plan to come back to you for some follow-ups in the future.

Once again, thanks so much for everything.



Rob is having the time of his life. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time and interest with him.

He as I will be a dedicated cheerleaders for your program. Please feel free to use us as references into the future.

Terry Eyerly


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the 2-day golf school. Don was great! He bleeds the game and it shows. He was able identify some key components in my swing that kept me from being consistent. I can’t wait to take everything I’ve learned to the course! And all for a fantastic price! Thanks to you and Don for a job well done!


HI Jeff,

I typically don’t spend time writing reviews on anything (good or bad), but I wanted to take about 5 minutes to let you know about my experience with Don Person and the golf school I went to yesterday.Hands down this was the best golf instruction I have ever received and I wish I had taken this class a few years ago. From the moment I arrived Don was aware that I was only attending one class and he made it a point to ensure I got the most out of my one day. He was quick and efficient and analyzed my swing and made some changes to both my swing and grip. After the changes, I hit some balls on the range and immediately felt and saw the difference, having Don show me on video and explain how to get me in the correct position was invaluable. We then went and played 9 holes where I was impressed with his patients and teaching ability, he taught me course management and really gave me a new way to conceptualize and strategize a round of golf to meet my goals.

After the round of 9 holes, the class was over and Don sent us on our way. I decided to head back to the range and work on some of the techniques I learned. What really impressed me was that Don stayed behind and continued to work with me, he even gave me a drill to work on at home to continue to improve my swing.

I know there are plenty of qualified golf instructors out there (I have has lessons before), but I think what separates Don is his personality, teaching ability, and great attitude.

Great job and thanks for the class, I will definitely sign up for additional instruction with Don in the future,

Drew S


When I spent 3 days with you this past February, I was a 22+ handicap – I’m now down below 17, and yesterday, I came in first place (in the third flight) of a season long tournament series, by turning in the lowest score (on the toughest course). So thank you, and I will be contacting you soon to set up this years trip to your 3 day golf school. Thanks for everything!!!

Ed Stewart


Thanks for the great couple of days in Orlando. I had a great time and took a lot out of it. Anyone that is considering doing a school with Jeff should pull the trigger and do it. Worth every penny!

Eric Farr


When I spent 3 days with you this past February, I was a 22+ handicap – I’m now down below 17, and yesterday, I came in first place (in the third flight) of a season long tournament series, by turning in the lowest score (on the toughest course). So thank you, and I will be contacting you soon to set up this years trip to your 3 day golf school. Thanks for everything!!!

Ed Stewart

Hi Jeff,

Just a quick note to thank you for another great experience.  Rob and Tom loved it and had a great time too.  May be wanting to go at it again late next February or early March.

My wife would like to make a trip to Florida next winter and that would be a great time to review and tune up for the Indiana golf season next year.  Hope you will be available somewhere in Florida.

Again thank you.  Hope to see you again in the future.


PS   Eagle River’s a great golf course. 6/23/2012

Dear Jeff,

Jeff is an excellent golf instructor and runs a great school.  My wife and I have taken lessons from him a number of times, with consistent improvement in our golf games. Jeff is an astute observer, and very good at keeping his explanations and suggestions simple and realistic.We particularly like his approach of teaching at the range in the morning, followed by on course practice. This is a very effective method for transferring new skills and putting them to immediate use. His schools also offer and excellent value for a quality experience and product.

We highly recommend him to anyone serious about improving their golf game, and have a fun time doing it at the same time. :-)”

Dear Jeff,

I started with Jeff about 5-6 years ago, his manner and approach to this complex game is excellent. He works with the swing you have and makes simple changes that create much better results. His teaching technique is very easy to follow, the one-on-one aspect is perfect. The instructions and practice at the range in the morning, followed by an afternoon round, provides a very quick ‘hands-on’ approach….you see your results quickly (or not so…) but Jeff is there to provide a pointer or two to quickly get you ‘back on-track’. A great pleasure to have

Jeff as my mentor. Even after the clinic, he has always been most helpful with pointers, videos or just providing a good answer to my questions. Thanks Jeff.”


Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your golf school. I attended a two day class on November 26 and 27. The instructor was great, he is an excellent teacher.

He was also very patient. I have been able to incorporate many of his “tips” into my play. Other basic changes are going to take some practice on my part. Having the CD he sent me will allow me to continue to review the lessons. Certainly enjoyed my two days. Golf will be more fun now because I can determine the cause of poor shots and take appropriate remedies.

Should have done this years ago.

May 14 , 2013


Not all teaching professionals are created equal , and the difference for us was night and day. We now feel better equipped to go home and practice the specific techniques you have taught us. We apppreciate your patience and ” non intrusive ” instruction style , which allowed us to better absorb new swing techniques.

We are looking forward to a great golf season.

With many thanks , your Canadian students – Debbie and Charmayne

May 15 , 2013


“I thought I’d get back to you on our experience at golf school; we were at Revere Golf Club in Henderson, NV last week for a 3 day session. First the golf club – we were thrilled with the facility and the people who work at Revere. We had good meals, and the courses (particularly the Lexington course) were in great shape. There was plenty of room on the practice facilities, so we always felt like we had the space and privacy to learn. The staff, from servers in the grill, to the pros, to course maintenance and the fellow who cleaned our clubs at the end of the day were friendly and seemed happy to be there. The starter was particularly fun, and seemed intent on relaxing everyone prior to hitting the first tee.

Our teacher was Ryan Mills – and he was terrific. Ryan is knowledgeable and presented ideas in ways we understood; when we struggled he was encouraging and knew when to say “when”. While he remained professional throughout, he was personable and we enjoyed his company. His personal style, coupled with his focus on specific skills made our 3 days with him a terrific learning experience. We feel we now have the tools to improve our games – my husband immediately started hitting 20 yards further off the tee and is thrilled with his progress.

So, thanks for a great experience – Revere is a good place for your schools, and Ryan is an asset to any golf school.”

Best Regards, Julie C. of British Columbia

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