Golf, sunshine, and the outdoors, Live a little! Great Specials

Jeff Symmonds Golf SchoolsHi Friends…not much needs to be said about our current situation with this virus, but one thing is certain. Being outdoors and away from too many people and learning and playing a little golf in the fresh air and sunshine and living a little is a sure way to up our spirits!! We all will get through this and for a limited time I have some great golf school specials going on.

Check out these discounted Golf School Prices:

~~~Short-Game Schools…$235 ($200 each for a 2-some)

~~~1-Day School…$279 ($250 each for a 2-some)

~~~2-Day School…$499 ($450 each for a 2-some)

~~~3-Day School…$799 ($699 each for a 2-some)

We are ready for you! Uncrowded golf courses! Get ready for your Golf Season!
Reach me directly at 760 861-9985 to reserve your dates of choice, 7 days a week.

All the best,
Jeff Symmonds 760 861-9985

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Deer Creek Golf Club

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