Summer Golf Lessons

Hi Friends…I’m hoping everyone is having an enjoyable summer on the golf course! Are there certain aspects of your golf game that need attention? Do you feel you have not quite reached your potential as a golfer? Please consider:

*** THIS IS YOUR YEAR to improve your SHORT-GAME! Short-Game Schools are taking place every day at all my locations. 3-hour sessions that focus on Chipping, Pitching, Putting, and Greenside Bunker Shots. Tuition is $235 for a single, or $200 each for a couple.

*** TAKE THE GUESSWORK out of your golf swing! Too many swing thoughts and trying too many different swing techniques can leave you extremely frustrated! Attending a 1,2 or 3-Day Golf School will get you on the PROPER PATH that will lead to Solid Improvement through personalized instruction.

*** LEARN TO PLAY ON THE REAL GOLF COURSE! On- Course Playing Lessons are offered every day! Learn to manage your Distance Control, Club-Selection, and Enhance Your Scoring Abilities where it really counts!

*** LOCATIONS…Temecula Palm Springs Las Vegas Phoenix Tucson Prescott Dallas Orlando Ft Lauderdale

You are invited to reach me personally to discuss a program that fits your needs at 760 861-9985. Specifically Focused and Personalized Attention.

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Personal Attention for your Golf Game !

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