Get your CONSISTENCY back into your golf game

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Hi Friends….Quite often, students will tell me that they hit the ball solid and consistent on the Driving Range, then after 2 holes, it ALL GOES AWAY. Then, of course, their swing becomes a frustrating guessing game. (I’m betting, heavily, that way too much Tension has found its way back into your swing and Gravity, Momentum, and Centrifical Force have abandoned you!) Please consider:

*** On the Driving Range, we will work on the Complete and Proper Way to swing the golf club and understand how to get your DISTANCE and CONSISTENCY back into your golf game.

*** In the Short-Game Area, we will have a total understanding of how to Pitch, Chip, and Putt better. Also, it’s time that you became a MUCH BETTER Bunker Player!

*** Then, I will be with you on the golf course for at least 9 holes, MAKING SURE your golf swing does not leave you, and you have NOT regressed back to old, faulty habits.

***For many months of the year, my golf facilities are not crowded, giving us the chance to focus on making BETTER SWINGS and PLAYING real golf holes. If you desire private, 1 on 1 instruction, yes…you can have it.

***This is an OPPORTUNITY that is waiting for you. Affordable? Certainly. Flexible schedule? Absolutely. My goal as a teacher is to MAKE SURE you always hit a golf ball and play your rounds of golf with confidence!

You are always invited to speak with me personally about your goals in golf, what aspects you would like to improve, what location is easiest for you to attend. Every session is customized to YOU, ONLY. Reach me at 760 861-9985.

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Personal Attention for your Golf Game !

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