GOLFERS…It’s a Chip, Pitch, and Putt time!!

GOLFERS…It’s a Chip, Pitch, and Putt time!!

Hi Friends….join us at The Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools for a Short-Game School in Great Golf Destination Cities, such as ORLANDO, PHOENIX, and LAS VEGAS!

*** Your Short-Game School is a 3-hour session customized to help you Pitch, Chip, and Putt better than ever in 2019! (Don’t forget Green-Side Bunker Shots too!)

*** Singles are just $235.

*** 2-somes are just $200 each.

Our golf schools are in the following cities so come on out and see us and improve your golf game.
Orlando Florida
Ft Lauderdale Florida
Phoenix Arizona
Tucson Arizona
Prescott Arizona
Las Vegas Nevada
San Diego, California
Palm Springs California
Dallas Texas

Reach us direct at 760 861-9985 to book your dates of choice…available 7 days a week! Check out my new Website.

Personal Attention for your Golf Game !

Sincerely, Jeff Symmonds

Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools

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