A Few Thoughts – The Ability to Play better Golf

A few thoughts about the past…and “how it plays out” today……

Many years ago, I received the lesson of a lifetime, although at the time, I had no idea how it would dramatically improve my ABILITY TO GET BETTER. This was a lesson in my SET-UP, (Stance in relation to the ball), and my POSTURE. First of all, my posture had way too much knee flex, plus I had a tendency to reach my hands and arms too far…meaning the ball was too far away from me. This LESSON of a LIFETIME showed me how to stand “taller to the ball”, the proper amount of knee flex, and how to determine if I was “reaching too far” at address.

I took this lesson to heart and worked very hard to make sure I had the proper Foundation in place. In several weeks, my ball flight was higher, straighter, and yes, LONGER. Since that day, 38 years ago, I have always focused my practice time on good Posture, Spine Angle, and squareness to the target. PLEASE NOTE…with out these Foundation Fundamentals, I never would have become a better player. I would still be playing the “GUESSING GAME”, and never would have reach my potential………….Food for thought…

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