Proper Club Fitting

Proper Club Fitting !


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Golf equipment is and important aspect of golf ,and getting “fit” for golf clubs is a wise decision. And yes, proper golf club fitting will help you play golf at your potential. But first, let’s understand what needs to happen BEFORE you make the decision to spend good dollars on new golf clubs that are “Custom Fitted”. First, view my video segment on my website @ – under the VIDEO TIPS tab titled: “Club-Fitting Advice”.

My main objective is to get golfers to understand that learning to set up to the ball with ATHLETIC POSTURE is vital. Without good posture (paying close attention to feet, flexed legs, and proper spine angle), the most high-quality of golf clubs will not benefit you! I place a important emphasis on ALLOWING the ARMS TO HANG FROM THE SOCKETS, TENSION FREE (like wet rope!). Then we can focus on Spine Angle, flex in the knees, width of the stance, grip pressure, and keeping our head and chin up, to allow our left shoulder to turn under the chin!

Yes, this is a very “involved process”, but a vital one to play better. Yes, it takes time to really work on posture and a good athletic set up. Also: It takes a very good golf teacher to help you learn the importance of this Fundamental, and how to practice it at home. My very best advice before getting custom-fitted” for golf clubs?  Take a lesson on how to achieve Athletic Posture in setting up to a golf ball. Then, and only then, are you ready to be : PROPERLY FIT for those brand new Golf CLUBS !

Thank you for reading my post , I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on club fitting and found the info useful !

All the best in golf , Jeff Symmonds – Owner and Director of Golf  for Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools


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