Summers gone, How was your golf game?

Summers gone , How was your golf Game !

Hi Friends:

Hopefully you got the chance to work on your golf game this summer! If you think back to your rounds of golf played, did you score well because of a good Short-Game? Did you hit your tee-shots in play or were you trying to save par from behind the trees? Last but not least, how many times did you 3-putt in a 18 hole round? When seeking golf instruction, my advice would be to place a Major Emphasis on understanding how to develop a solid Short-Game, Get the 3-putts down to a minimum, and really find a Driver that you have confidence in. Let’s start from the tee: Finding the fairway with your Driver is a huge confidence builder. Much easier to make Birdie or Par from the short grass. Does you Driver fit your golf swing? Make sure you have enough DEGREE of LOFT in the head, and THE SHAFT FLEX fits your SWING SPEED! Too low of loft and  a shaft that is too stiff is a recipe for a ball flight that will fade and slice, plus actually shorten the distance of your drives! A good reminder: Your Driver is a club that you should never have to feel you HAVE TO SWING HARD to make it perform well! I certainly welcome all your thoughts and questions on this @ 800 9865-9985 direct. Plus, email me at I will answer back! Looking forward to seeing a lot of alumni students and new students as well this year! More Short-Game thoughts next week………

All the best in golf,
Jeff Symmonds

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